30 April 2002

Experimenting while on the road

We (myself and Cosey) have finished the second track of our collaboration with Mortal Loom and it sounds fab. The completed tracks will be released on the next Mortal Loom album later this year.
Most of the CD re mastering and production work for the Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set is completed. However, the release date has been moved back and is now officially the 23rd December 2002. This is to ensure we get the complex packaging and parts exactly as we intend. Believe me this is going to be one hell of a release and definitely worth waiting for. In the meantime there will be an announcement from Industrial / Mute Records regarding an interim TG release.

I'm currently experimenting with recording and mixing complete tracks on my Apple iBook while on the road (
plane, train, hotel etc.). If all goes well the results should hopefully see fruition next year in the form of a CD release.

A review of my new EAR3 CD is available to read here. (link expired)