27 March 2009

Preps for TG 2009 tour

TG 2009 TOUR
Here's a short (very short) video clip of my ongoing/current preps for the forthcoming TG 2009 tour:
FLIKR video. Longer version here Vimeo video.
And here is a photo of what gear I will and won't be taking on the tour:
FLIKR photo.

Descriptions and info are on the individual Flikr pages. More to come in the following weeks...

25 March 2009


COH plays COSEY live
I've posted some photos (and a video clip) from Cosey's recent COH plays COSEY performance at the Brussels Electronic Music Festival on my Flikr pages.
Follow this link to view them:

09 March 2009

The Lure of Twitter

OK so I've succumbed to more technological doodabbery, namely Twitter. Honestly I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep up a constant, or even steady stream of Twits (is that the right terminology?) but I should be able to post a few a day (is that too hopeful? probably). As I'm mostly tied up with TG and Cosey FT related activities from now until we leave for the States mid-April most of my Twits (?) will be focused those activities.
My Twitter link: