30 April 2003

Mastering & remastering

It's that time of year again and I'm rationalising the studio (
yet again), which means I have a bunch of gear for sale. Follow this link for more details (ebay link expired).

No news updates lately as I've been busy and there always seemed to be something that needed doing more than updating this site (
till now that is).
I've been editing and mastering/remastering some C&C and CTI material (
more news on that soon). Also, since the TG24 launch and TG exhibition we've been involved in another TG related project that we'll be announcing in a month or so.

We've also aquired some new gear and audio & video software, which we're very excited about and once we've got to grips with it all we'll be using it for some new projects and releases in the coming year.