10 April 2006

Jolly jaunt

Cosey - Venice
Just returned form our jolly jaunt to Italy during which we had a wonderful time in Venice and Pisa. Venice is an amazing city, plus we met up with some friends there which made our stay even more enjoyable... and the show completely sold out too! I have posted a few photos on my
Flikr pages. The performances were very well received, even though we changed our Carter Tutti set slightly (from our previous LA 'quad' show) and decided to play it as an hour-long continuos set, without any breaks. Which was a bit of a gamble as it doesn't give the audience a chance to applaud between songs, but hey... we're not a rock n' roll band. Our 're-tweaked' video projections also got a very positive reaction and looked amazing. And yes... we will be releasing the visuals on DVD, hopefully this year.

Our CTI (Conspiracy International) back-catalogue has finally started to appear on iTunes and a few albums are now available to buy:
click this C&C iTunes link. It's a vast catalogue of albums and we have no control in what order they appear but one of the first is a new Chris & Cosey compilation: COLLECTED WORKS 1981-2000, it features rare & hard to find C&C tracks from the last 19 years: full details are on the CarterTutti.com site. My own solo albums will also be available soon too. Click this link for what's currently available.