06 January 2006

A lot of (TG) distractions last year

TG - Berlin
After a lot of (TG) distractions last year our much delayed second Carter Tutti album is finally under way and sounding great. Cosey and I will also be performing two Carter Tutti concerts in Italy - on 31st March in Pisa and on 5th April in Venice. Cosey is also exhibiting at
Tate Britain in London from March 2006.
As there are still some TG projects to be completed there won't be as many performances and new releases from Carter Tutti in 2006 as we would like. We just don't have the time this year. But we're thrilled that the majority of our extensive Chris & Cosey catalogue will finally be made available as online downloads throughout 2006.

TG in Berlin was amazing, but also exhausting, frustrating and bloody cold. The film premier, exhibition, rehearsals, performances and recording all went well, despite some sound gremlins at the first gig. The improvised second-nighter was a completely different affair and vibe. We played to a new 35mm print of Derek Jarman's 'In The Shadow of The Sun' and it looked wonderful projected behind us. We spent the second week recording new TG material at an old East Berlin radio studio. The studio was an incredible place and the staff and technicians were really helpful. So big thanks' to all those at
Planet Roc who made our time there so relaxed and productive. The whole TG Berlin trip was extensively documented (on a daily basis, which was a slightly odd experience) so I expect we'll see a lot of photos from it later this year.