19 September 2007

98% done

Wow! it's been almost six weeks since I posted any updates here, very remiss of me I must say.
My excuse is that we've been busy finishing our new album (and its variations) and adjusting and tweaking it for final release... i.e.: so it is ready for the various production facilities, factories, printers and pressing plants etc. Which is now about 98% done. In fact as I write this I'm waiting for the door bell to ring with a delivery of the first batch from the CD factory.
We've also been gearing up for the inevitable (but essential) promotional push... which translates to: new photos, press releases, promo lists, advertising (web, viral and print) AND setting up our new mail-order site. Yes, after three years or so we're going back into the mail order business. Which means from October (ish) you'll be able to buy Carter Tutti, C&C and CTI physical product directly from us (new and back catalogue CDs to you and me).
Plus we're updating the Carter Tutti / C&C web site with a makeover.