20 December 2002

TG24 CD boxed set

The Throbbing Gristle TG24 CD boxed set is officially released on the 23rd December 2002 by Industrial/Mute.

Follow this link to the Mute TG24 pages for details of the reservation procedure. (link expired)

A TG24 exhibition is running from 4th-7th December in London. More details
here (link expired).

30 November 2002

Last Chris & Cosey performance

Our Chris & Cosey gig in Antwerp went very well. Big thanks to all of you who travelled to Belgium see us.
We will be releasing CD (
and maybe a DVD) of the performance next year.

That performance was our last show as Chris & Cosey - a change of name and direction of music are coming...

30 September 2002

DJ set

Me and Cosey played another DJ set at the recent Mute IRREGULAR #9 in London. We had a really good time and we'd like to thank all those who came along to make the evening a superb event and particularly to all those bopping along to our spins.
We met up with a few faces from the past, some label mates and a lot of Chris & Cosey and TG fans too. Praise too to Vic20 and Richard Kirk for some particularly fine performances.

We've had a few more DJ offers since so maybe this could be an enjoyable offshoot of C&C.

30 August 2002

Book featuring me (& TG)

I've just received a copy of a new academic electronic music reference book that features quite a few pages (22) of my early electronic music work with TG. It also includes pictures of TG, me, my gear and some of my Gristleizer diagrams too! The book is titled: Elektoakustische Musik by Elan Ungeheuer. ISBN 3-89007-425-1. Published by Laaber.
Although some parts of the TG section are in English the majority of the book is written in German. It's also very large and heavy so getting it through the post could be problematic, but I'm sure most libraries could order it.

30 July 2002

Rebuilding, reorganising and rewiring

I recently spent three weeks rebuilding, reorganising and rewiring our studio. This was something that was long overdue but turned out to be a far more complex and time consuming task than I originally anticipated. Everything is now pretty much back up to full spec but we still haven't actually got around to recording yet.

The TG boxed set and IR re-launch are still on track and the whole project is moving along nicely. As a kind of 'primer' we are releasing a new 'best of' TG album and are in discussion with various artists who are interested in re mixing a TG track for commercial release prior to the launch. More soonish...

For the last couple of weeks or so I've been assisting Cosey with some photography and live Art pieces.

30 June 2002

Shopping crazy

Well we're back from our jaunt to the sunshine State and a great time we had too! We met up with many old and dear friends and also went a bit 'shopping crazy'. If I get some spare hours I'll post a few holiday pictures here at some point. We came back to a few hundred emails and the jet lag seemed to linger longer than usual but I'm pretty much back up to speed with current projects. The TG boxed set masters have been burned and approved and I'll be delivering them to Mute in a week or so.

We intend to start work on our new C&C album in the coming months, more news on that as and when it happens.

30 April 2002

Experimenting while on the road

We (myself and Cosey) have finished the second track of our collaboration with Mortal Loom and it sounds fab. The completed tracks will be released on the next Mortal Loom album later this year.
Most of the CD re mastering and production work for the Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set is completed. However, the release date has been moved back and is now officially the 23rd December 2002. This is to ensure we get the complex packaging and parts exactly as we intend. Believe me this is going to be one hell of a release and definitely worth waiting for. In the meantime there will be an announcement from Industrial / Mute Records regarding an interim TG release.

I'm currently experimenting with recording and mixing complete tracks on my Apple iBook while on the road (
plane, train, hotel etc.). If all goes well the results should hopefully see fruition next year in the form of a CD release.

A review of my new EAR3 CD is available to read here. (link expired)

30 March 2002

Ear Three album released

I have just received news from World Serpent that my new EAR THREE solo CD is now in stock. The press release can be read on the World Serpent web site news pages and further details about the CD can be found on my EAR THREE page. You can buy the CD at most good record stores, online from CTI Mail Order or direct from World Serpent.

Still re-mastering the Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set.

20 February 2002

Blogging begins.

We've recently finished the first part of a collaboration project, a song called Fade To Black, with US band Mortal Loom. We're all very pleased with the results and hope to start work on a second track in March/April for release on their label this winter.

Last week I put together a one off DVDR of the Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth recording for showing at the forthcoming Hotel Sub Rosa exhibition at the Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles. This group show features artists represented by London based Cabinet Gallery and also includes new art works by Cosey and a rare public showing of the above TG video.
I'm currently re mastering the forthcoming Industrial / Mute release of the Throbbing Gristle 24-hour CD boxed set. This is a mammoth task and consist of wading through more than 50 original TG performance cassettes to find the best versions in terms of quality and content. Much of the first stage is done (the listening and checking part) and I'm now transferring the tapes in real time into our G4 Mac. Once the transfers are complete I will carry out some minor restoration work on the noisier sounding tapes and eventually edit each gig into a continuous 60 minute CD friendly format. For the technically inclined I'm using a Sony 'WMD6C Professional' cassette deck interfaced to a Roland VM3100 Pro mixer, which is digitally connected to the G4 Mac running TCWorks SparkXL for the transfer, recording and editing process. At the moment I'm averaging about two gigs a day and hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll be finished editing and into final CD 'red book' mastering stage.

As you can probably imagine listening to raw unedited TG material for 6-8 hours a day can be pretty brain numbing so I'm organising other occasional activities to stop myself going completely gaga. One of these is a remix for the UK band ndot. They're a very talented duo who I've done a few of remixes for in the past and I find collaborating with them very enjoyable. Hopefully you should be able to check out my finished mix and their other works and projects on their web site in the coming months.

Any techno types out there can read my review of the new Moogerfooger range of effects pedals in the current
(February) issue of SoundOnSound magazine.

Lastly thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday and a special thanks to the anonymous person in Scotland who sent me a couple of exceptionally fine saucy DVDs.