01 December 2005

Got a new Quad G5, very happy

Just got a new Quad G5, very happy (an early Xmas pressie to myself but paid for by Sony Columbia work, and thanks' to Apple for such a generous discount). Very busy prepping new & old material for the TG Berlin shows and post-recording sessions. We're playing one show in four channel/quad so trying out lots of interesting placement ideas. Cosey's up to her eyes collating, cataloguing and packing our TG archive material for the Berlin Art exhibition, it's gonna be amazing. The C&C+CTI catalogue (ALL of it!) has now been sent off to be magically transformed into downloadable files for iTunes and such sites... hurrah! We've had to close our on-line web store due to 'technical difficulties'... Booo!. But it will be back in the New Year, just bigger and better! In the meantime most of our current catalogue can be found on Amazon and in all good records stores.
And if I don't see you in Berlin Happy Xmas and New Year!