31 October 2004

Oct - Dec

Oct - Dec
Myself and Cosey are stunned and saddened beyond words by the sudden tragic death of our dear friend Geff (Jhon Balance). There are no words to describe the sense of loss we feel for his unique spirit. Please visit:

Writing material for TG performance at ATP in December.

Prepping material for live Carter Tutti session on ResonanceFM. (update:
listen to the session here)

BBC Radio 3's MIXING IT will feature an interview with Carter Tutti on Oct 1st.

John Peel R.I.P.

01 September 2004

New distribution

We've just posted our EVENT HORIZON list-cum-diary page on the Carter Tutti site.

There's a good review of the
Carter Tutti 'CABAL' album in the October issue of THE WIRE.

Have also begun transferring our decaying video archive onto DVD (v long term project).

Audio mastering for the TGV DVD is finally completed.

Our CTI CD catalogue will now be distributed by

01 August 2004

Spineless bastards!

The CTI studio rebuild is pretty much finished. Phew... what a massive job that turned out to be!

Yes it's true... World Serpent, our distributor for the the past 10 years, has gone belly up owing us a lot of money! The whole fiasco has been handled really badly and two words I've heard a lot in the past few weeks have been "spineless bastards!", and you can quote me on that.

01 June 2004

Re-organising... again!

I'm currently re-organising our studio... yet again!

Also mixing the TGV DVD live recording session from 24-track for DVDs.

01 May 2004

Gear for sale!

Annual studio clearout !... Even more C&C (and TG) gear for sale!

Rehearsing for Carter Tutti June performances.

Compiling & tweaking material for TG live recording session.

RE~TG RESCHEDULED - ticket holders wishing to attend the TG recording READ THIS (dead link)

01 April 2004

Editing and mastering

March - April
Editing and mastering new Carter Tutti (Cabal) album.

Editing and mastering new Throbbing Gristle album (first of two).

01 February 2004

Bound for the studio, or studio bound

Jan - March
Recording new Carter Tutti (Cabal) album.

Recording new Throbbing Gristle material at Mute's studio in London.

Cosey and I recently spent a while at Sleazy's house in Western-super-Mare working on some preliminary TG ideas prior to us all getting down to the real nitty gritty at Mute's studio in London.

01 January 2004

Recording new album

Busy recording new CARTER TUTTi (Cabal) album.