24 October 2006

Madrid was short but sweet

Our trip to Madrid was short but very sweet... The people at Experimenta Club were wonderfully friendly and helpful and very professional. The venue (a massive state of the art cultural centre!) was equally impressive and the only venue we've ever played with pink carpet, both on the stage AND throughout auditorium. Plus we sold it out, played a blinding set and went down a storm!

ExperimentaClub'06 photos can be seen here

Meanwhile back home: Well no matter how much you think you're on top of things there are always those unforeseen circumstances, random problems and plain old human errors lurking in the background just waiting to confound you and bite you on the arse. Yes of course I must be talking about TG and yes the release of long awaited TG DVD boxed set will be delayed, just a bit. But it'll be worth it AND it WILL be out before the (
near legendary and even longer anticipated) Part Two album. Oh no don't get me started on that sore point again!........