09 September 2009

A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N in Glasgow

A=p=p=a=r=i=t=i=o=n installation
A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N, our TG sculptural collaboration with Cerith Wyn Evans is now on exhibition at the enormous Tramway gallery in Glasgow. If you get the chance please visit this for a truly unique TG audio experience. A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N is TG being restrained and ethereal... delicate almost. It is very hard to describe an encounter with the sculpture: it uses multi-channel, highly polished, highly directional audio spotlights to project sound in a slowly, ever moving collage that seems to appear and disappear in mid air and from many directions simultaneously.

Like I said totally unique. We are all hoping that A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N will travel next year, and although there's no definite info yet as soon as we do know we'll make an announcement. -
More Tramway details here.

A=P=P=A=R=I=T=I=O=N photos on Flikr.