01 December 2005

Got a new Quad G5, very happy

Just got a new Quad G5, very happy (an early Xmas pressie to myself but paid for by Sony Columbia work, and thanks' to Apple for such a generous discount). Very busy prepping new & old material for the TG Berlin shows and post-recording sessions. We're playing one show in four channel/quad so trying out lots of interesting placement ideas. Cosey's up to her eyes collating, cataloguing and packing our TG archive material for the Berlin Art exhibition, it's gonna be amazing. The C&C+CTI catalogue (ALL of it!) has now been sent off to be magically transformed into downloadable files for iTunes and such sites... hurrah! We've had to close our on-line web store due to 'technical difficulties'... Booo!. But it will be back in the New Year, just bigger and better! In the meantime most of our current catalogue can be found on Amazon and in all good records stores.
And if I don't see you in Berlin Happy Xmas and New Year!

01 November 2005

It's official: TG are playing two concerts

OK, it's official: TG are playing two concerts, staging a major TG Art exhibition, releasing our first brand new studio album in 25 years and premiering the long awaited 'Live at The Astoria' DVD... and it all starts happening in Berlin in December! Many more details soon.

My 1980 '
THE SPACE BETWEEN' album is now available to buy via Apple iTunes.

01 October 2005

New TG album is completed

The new TG album is completed, delivered, ready to got into production and is titled: 'Part two, The Endless Not'. It sounds (and looks) effing fantastic, even if I say so myself.
Official worldwide release is January 2006 on Mute Records. The initial pressing will be an extra-special edition. Now maybe we can get on with recording the new Carter Tutti album...

A Podacst of the live set Carter Tutti performed on ResonanceFM in Nov 2004 is now available by clicking

01 September 2005

We never seem to get any time off

We never seem to get any time off these days, always tired, we really need a break, or better still a holiday!

A few tracks on the new TG album have to be re-recorded/remastered, bah!

Continuing to encode metadata for the C&C catalogue downloads.

Thinking about buying new G5 Macs, we're still using our aging, lowly G4s.

01 August 2005

This is going to take some time...

Music from my 'Ear One' album has been used in the trailer for the new movie 'Into The Blue', which is nice!
Spent the whole month mixing and mastering the new TG abum. Just begun encoding our entire C&C catalogue with the metadata needed for uploading to iTunes. This is going to take some time...

01 July 2005

Italy was interesting

Our TG jaunt to Italy was interesting... to say the least! The Turin studio was small and too bloody hot and not as much recording was done as I'd have liked, but worthwhile nevertheless. The gig turned out OK, considering the very Italian organisational problems, a photo from the trip is here... on Flikr.

We spent about four weeks in our studio here with Sleazy recording the new TG album, and it's sounding effing great too! Sleazy's back in Bangkok now, I'm completing a few overdubs and finishing off the mixing and production. The release date looks likely to be early January 2006 (hopefully!).

01 June 2005

Engineering and sonic polishing

I've been engineering and sonic polishing (mastering) a collaboration between Cosey and Millimetre. Industrialising ideas and rhythms for new TG album and show - which is sounding good! The 'Caged' album I recorded with Ian Boddy is now available to download at iTunes, Napster, MSN and more. Just watched Old Boy on DVD... brilliant!

01 May 2005

Studio maintenance

We recently returned from the opening of Cosey's successful Van Abbe exhibition in Holland, we had a wonderful time, good food and great company. After a bit of studio maintenance I'm helping Cosey prepare material for her Cardiff exhibition. We are also recording material for Carter Tutti and TG this month.
Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti and TG tracks are now available on iTunes.

31 March 2005

Back from LA

Cosey, Nick and I had a brilliant trip to Los Angeles, as always, and the gig was one of our best ever. Hung out with lots of old friends and generally had a fab time.
Back to major DIY at home, updating web sites, working on new material for Carter Tutti and new solo track.

02 January 2005

Surround mixing

Just finishing a 5.1 surround mix for the TGV DVDs, which took a lot longer than I anticipated, also assembling material for the new TG album.

01 January 2005

Sold Out!

The Carter Tutti LA MOCA gig sold out almost as soon as it was announced. Sorry but no ticket, no entry...
Now preparing exclusive quad audio/multi-visual performance for our LA MOCA show.