15 March 2007

New album 90% complete

Feral Vapours of the Silver Ether
Feral Vapours of The Silver Ether (
our new Carter Tutti album) is 90% completed and everyone we've played it to so far loves it. We're just agonising over one last track as we're not happy with how it has worked out. So do we re-record it and include it, or do we just dump it and move on? Hmmm...

Anyway... for those who may not have heard, Cosey's adventures in LA went well but ended on a downer. She was 'removed' from her Virgin Atlantic flight home while the plane was waiting to take-off by ultra paranoid flight attendants and an armed security guard afraid that she 'might' have an in flight heart attack. In fact there was no risk of her having any kind of attack at all, but the Virgin staff wouldn't listen her (or the Doctor sat next to Cosey, who tried to calm their unfounded worries). Four days later and after a many calls, emails, faxes and documents had changed hands she was passed 'fit to fly' (which we all knew anyway!).

Back home we immediately started (and completed) our
ColorField Remix contribution, ,which looks and sounds gorgeous.