02 March 2006

Traveling very, very light.

Carter Tutti
Started the month with flu and 'winter vomiting virus'... ugh!
But preps for our Italian shows are progressing well now. We've decided to go back to our 80s' gigging method of traveling very, very light. Which in this case means I'll be performing with just Ableton Live on a PowerBook, a small MIDI keyboard (
Edirol PCR-M1) and a MIDI fader controller (Faderfox). While Cosey will be playing her cornet, harmonica, Baby Kay guitar (thru a Boss GT6) and vocalising through a processor (a Boss VF1).
For anyone who saw our shows in 2004/5 we are reworking/remixing those video projections (yet) again and they are looking incredible. The graphics are a mixture of real images and manipulated video and have an organic/fluid feel and complement the tracks really well (
one five minute section alone took 30 hours to render!).

TG album release update:
OK... the release of the new TG album 'Part Two - Endless Not' is still delayed. But it seems the reasons why are not as clear cut as I thought. It's a long, boring story which basically boils down to a certain amount of confusion and miscommunication between TG members, TG management and Mute. No 'one' person or organisation is to blame and we are now all working towards getting a definitive 'official release date' that will be kept to. Don't shoot the messenger... and you can stop bombarding TG and Mute with emails now.