10 February 2007

Ensconced in the studio

TG - CheckPoint Charlie
We've been ensconced in the studio and recording continuously this month to complete our long delayed new Carter Tutti album. Cosey is off to LA for a couple of weeks to install her show at
MOCA and visit friends while I stay behind to tweak the final production and finish the mastering (stereo & 5.1).

Numerous TG live events (and the release of the Part Two album) are looming very large on the horizon (see above) so I guess in some ironically mental way even our current intense workload could be considered the calm before the storm that is/will be TG in 2007. Oh what was it I once said many years ago about being in TG? ah yes.....
"it was the best of times, it was the worst of times". And I tell you it's never been truer!