01 January 2007

2006 was an odd year

Monte & Cosey
2006 was an odd year for us, with some real highs (like our Carter Tutti gigs and Cosey's exhibitions and so on) but there were also a lot of unfinished and unresolved aspects to it. And it ended on a real emotional downer, with Nick (our Son) rushed into hospital. But... after a few setbacks he's finally on the road to a full recovery and his nurse says should be OK to go home next Sunday (Jan 7th). By the way, thanks again to all of you who sent wishes etc. they were very much appreciated.

This year should see some interesting developments. We're determined to get our long overdue second Carter Tutti album completed (well over a year late!), Cosey and I are working on a number of interesting 'collaborations and projects' that we'll be announcing soon, there are some 'significant' TG announcements (and releases) imminent and Cosey is in a major exhibition opening in LA, in the Spring.

Detailed updates on all these soon'ish...
Happy New Year...


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