01 May 2009

TG USA tour

So the TG USA tour is over and here I am back in front of my computer screen (not my laptop screen). The tour was fantastic, although the schedule was a little gruelling at times. I don't think Cosey & I have traveled quite so much in so little time since touring as Chris & Cosey in the 1990s'. Still, we all had a fabulous time and the shows were great and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We met some amazing people, reconnected with many friends we hadn't seen for a long while and made some wonderful new friends along the way.

During the trip I was documenting as much as possible with my cameras and feeding a (fairly constant) flow of information to Twitter for fans to keep up with our progress. The photos can be seen on my
FLIKR pages, videos can bee seen on my VIMEO pages and here is my Twitter page

Right now I am going through all the live audio recordings I made of each show on my portable recorder, which we'll hopefully be making available as downloads from our web store, along with a few other merchandise items remaining from the tour.


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