16 October 2009

Gristelism update

Packaging variations
GRISTLEISM - So that cat is out of the bag: you can see some of its colour, its ears and the top of its head but it's not meowing yet and you don't know what kind of cat it is, so to speak. All I can say right now (am allowed to) is that it's a Throbbing Gristle product and it will be released by Industrial Records (cat no. IR2009005). An 'exclusive' edition will be available for pre-order in September from the TG Web Store and a regular edition will be available shortly afterwards Worldwide.

I can also tell you that we've been secretly working on this project for many months with Christiaan Viarant. I'm making an educated guess that many of you will figure out even more from these basic details I've given. But anyway you won't have long to wait... in the meantime go here:

Flikr photo set


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