17 March 2010

Dirty Electronics with Chris Carter & John Richards

In a collaboration project with John Richards Dirty Electronics Ensemble I will be participating in two experimental electronic music workshops and performances in April and June this year.

The first is at De Montfort University, Leicester in the UK - April 27-30 and the second is at STEIM in Amsterdam, Holland - June 01- 03.

The workshop project is to build a specially designed DIY Dirty Electronics experimental music instrument and perform with it as an ensemble. The instrument will feature an original copper etching artwork and circuit concept by me and has been designed and built by John. Expect random sequences, distortion and noise coalesce in a unique hand-held instrument the size of a postcard. Anti-Social noise for all!

More details and some photos soon... but in the meantime follow these links:



DIL23 said...

hmmm - unfortunately I don't think I can afford the workshops :( - fingers crossed for lotto ;-)

Will the copper etching synthy thing be available to buy afterwards? (kit OR ready made)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant little machine. Scanning a shift reg. at audio rate as a semi-random generator? That's a really elegant solution...I've used them for generating ornamentation, but reading the link you have posted is like 'of course...that's brilliant!'

The graphics on the card are really nice as well. Bent electronics as original art objects... wish more people in the world thought this way.

Chris Carter said...

If there's enough interest we're considering making available a kit and a built version, hopefully later this year.

LeaMikhaela said...

Kinda interesting! It will help us a lot and to learn more in designing and intersecting things.


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