03 May 2010

Technology is great... when it works!

As a follow-up to the footnote in the post below I'll mention that after Tweeting my frustration at not finding a simple non-Flash (mobile iFriendly) solution to SoundCloud playback on my blog I got a lot of (what seemed to be) useful tips. Unfortunately non of these were nearly as simple or as elegant a solution as I'd hoped - or even assumed - would be out there. Chief amongst the respondents was fellow musician and all round tech genius
Chris Randall - who had some really good laterally thought-out ideas.

So... unfortunately there isn't an immediate available, widely compatible solution and we have to wait for SoundCloud - and BandCamp - to update their webpage players to HTML5.
If you are a web developer, web designer or are just interested in this subject Chris Randall has posted a detailed blog on his thoughts resulting from attempting workarounds to this unusually complex and (to me) unexpected web problem. It and the many replies make very interesting reading.



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