04 January 2012

A New Year… and the final TG album

TG 2009 - A short break...

The New Year dawns and it finds me and Cosey already in the studio since late December working on TG’s ‘final’ studio album ‘Desertshore’. In case you don’t know, our Desertshore project is a cover version of Nico’s entire 1970 seminal Desertshore album. ‘TG’s Desertshore - The Final Report’ (
to give it its full title) was conceived by Sleazy on a long flight from Bangkok to Berlin in the winter of 2006, and we’ve been recording elements of the album since then.

And since then a lot happened…
Most of you probably know some of the story and some of you may know most of the story: Genesis walked out on TG at the beginning of the 2010 tour in November (
we still have no idea why!) and we three attempted to recover from that disaster with a couple of X-TG shows. Feeling both deflated at TG ending and elated that he didn't have to work with Genesis again Sleazy returned to Bangkok later that month to work on Desertshore using new gear he’d bought for the project and to begin recording the guest vocalists. He died before he worked on a single note.

2011 was probably our busiest year since touring as Chris & Cosey in the 1980s' and 90s' and honestly we're not sure why this should be. You'd think as you get older things would begin to slow down a bit, but they haven't. Ironically we've also had to turn down more offers, projects and shows than ever before - we've felt close to burn-out a few times last year, after all we're only human and there are only 24 hours in a day, but we got through it, just.
All that aside, last year we managed to get all our Desertshore guest vocalists recorded for the album, some were done here at our studio, some in Europe and a few in the USA. Everyone we asked to collaborate said yes and everyone has done a fabulous vocal, Sleazy would be very happy. Sleazy could bluff for England and although when asked "how's the album coming along Sleazy?" he'd appease us with a "fine, I'll have some new mixes ready soon" it transpires that most of the work done on Desertshore was either done here in Norfolk by the three of us or stopped being done by Sleazy in Bangkok sometime in 2009. Oh Sleazy, Sleazy…
* see update below

Which brings us to now…
All of the Desertshore material that was in Ableton Live (Sleazy's DAW of choice) has been re-conformed for Logic Pro (our DAW of choice) - a laborious process! To say these are early days would be a gross understatement, there is still a mountain of work to do - for a start we're still trying to formulate six years worth of existing recordings, audio sketches, rough mixes, scribbled notes, endless lists and recalling things suggested at many, many 'Desertshore discussions' had over a cuppa or three.

Our (self-imposed) schedule is to have the album finished by July for release late 2012 -  maybe that's being optimistic, who knows? but we do have a career outside TG and we'd like to get back to it at some point.

* update - Feb 2012:
Apologies to Sleazy… after a few more of Sleazy’s hard drives had been uncovered in Bangkok and sent directly to us we found a batch of ‘in progress’ Desertshore material he had been working on during late 2010.


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